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IPSP Online Processing


PBT Online Processing offers online complete payment solutions for the travel market. Years of experience working with travel merchants have enabled PBT to identify and recognize industry needs in order to create a customized platform for merchants. The benefits for the traveling markets include: Sophisticated state-of-the-art- fraud detection PBT's state-of-the-art fraud detection solution provides you with maximum security. We work…
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Social Networks

Social Networks allow people from around the globe to connect through a virtual world – making it vital to utilize an international payment solution. PBT Online Processing offers Social Networks a vast assortment of payment solutions in order to enhance the end users online experience. PBT benefits for Social Networks include: Global Processing Solution PBT Online…
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PBT Online Processing offers online retailers a complete payment solution to buy and sell goods quickly and securely. Our benefits for retail businesses include: Daily Payouts Merchants can withdraw funds or submit payment orders to employees, suppliers and third parties on a daily basis. 24h Pre-Approval Don’t wait to start processing your payments. Apply online…
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Licensed Online Gaming and Software

PBT Online Processing offers customized online download-to-own (DTO) or paid via subscription payment solutions for online gaming and software companies. Our benefits for online gaming and software businesses include: Competitive processing rates PBT Online Processing offers software businesses affordable and competitive rates to open merchant accounts. Safe and secure payments In order to ensure a secure environment,…
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