Licensed Online Gaming and Software

Licensed Online Gaming and Software

PBT Online Processing offers customized online download-to-own (DTO) or paid via subscription payment solutions for online gaming and software companies.

Our benefits for online gaming and software businesses include:

Competitive processing rates
PBT Online Processing offers software businesses affordable and competitive rates to open merchant accounts.

Safe and secure payments
In order to ensure a secure environment, Netpay International encrypts all sensitive data, including card numbers, terminal numbers and credentials.

Sophisticated state-of-the-art- fraud prevention
Our state-of-the-art fraud detection solution provides you with maximum security. We work hard to enable you to minimize your risk while maximizing your reach.

Minimize Chargeback Expenses
Through our intelligent technology, we detect potential fraudulent transactions and reduce your chargeback ratio.

PBT Online Processing follows all the card association’s rules and regulations and the relative acquiring banks requirements.

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