Get started for Face to Face

We offer a Plug and Play solution for Face to Face card acceptance.

It is easy to sign-up, easy to set-up and easy to start benefiting from cashless payments.

TrustPay acts as your acquirer through PBT Payment Solutions. This means we process your card transactions and we pay your funds directly into your bank account.  The settlement account could be any bank account declared within EEA or a sight account we will open for you with TrustPay with 24/7 access to it through our web portal.  Through this account you can execute transfers all over the world for a low cost at your own convenience.

Benefits of being with PBT-TrustPay are:

  • Accept major card brands – including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, V PAY and many more
  • Get your money quickly – we can pay the funds into your account within one  working day
  • Accept payments around the clock – our highly secure systems are available every second of every day
  • Increase your sales potential – enable all your customers to make spontaneous purchases
  • Depend on our safety – PBT-TrustPay operates to the most stringent security standards
  • Let overseas customers pay in their own currency – provide a great service and earn a fee using DCC

Everything is covered in a simple service contract that clearly explains all you need to know.   Our experts are available to answer any questions or resolve any problems.

Your payment terminal

We provide you with a payment terminal and our experts will help you select the type of terminal that is just right for your business; a desktop TCP/IP terminal or a mobile GPRS terminal for more freedom of movement.

Benefits of being with PBT are:

  • Benefit from the latest technology – the latest contactless technology comes as standard
  • Choose from a full range of terminals – we have one to suit your business
  • Depend on quality and design – our terminals look good and won’t let you down
  • Fit with your business specifics – terminals can be stand-alone or integrated with your systems

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