Payment Solutions Overview


Online Processing

Our Online Processing service provides global IPSP services through a secure and efficient payment gateway, meeting the diverse needs of our clients. We continuously improve to offer cutting-edge solutions for online transactions.

Real-time Transactions
Secure Payment Processing
Multi-Currency Support

POS Terminal Acquiring

PBT Payment Solutions offers specialized POS terminal acquiring services, ensuring seamless and secure card payment processing for merchants. We partner with leading providers to deliver reliable solutions.

EMV Compliance
Contactless Payments
24/7 Customer Support

Global Payment Solutions

Our Global Payment Solutions cater to merchants seeking a comprehensive, secure, and technologically advanced payment processing service. We collaborate with trusted partners to deliver innovative payment solutions.

Fraud Protection Features
Customized Payment Solutions
Integrated Reporting Tools

Risk Management Services

PBT Payment Solutions provides tailored risk management services to safeguard transactions and protect merchants from potential threats. Our solutions are designed to mitigate risks effectively.

Transaction Monitoring
Chargeback Prevention
Compliance Assistance
Secure Your Payments

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