Social Networks

Social Networks

Social Networks allow people from around the globe to connect through a virtual world – making it vital to utilize an international payment solution.

PBT Online Processing offers Social Networks a vast assortment of payment solutions in order to enhance the end users online experience.

PBT benefits for Social Networks include:

Global Processing Solution
PBT Online Processing serves thousands of companies worldwide, allowing you to expand your business throughout the globe while we take care of cultural, language and logistical barriers.

Multiple Payment Solutions
PBT Online Processing accepts all major credit cards and multi-currency processing in order to allow your Social Network to geographically expand.

Rebilling subscriptions:
PBT Online Processing allows merchants to perform automatic transactions for credit card rebilling such as monthly bills, promotions, subscriptions and memberships.

Fraud Detection
PBT Online Processing we work hard to minimize your risk by preventing and reducing fraud, thereby maximizing your reach and improving your conversion ratio.

PBT Online Processing follows all the card association’s rules and regulations and the relative acquiring banks requirements.

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