PBT Online Processing offers online complete payment solutions for the travel market.

Years of experience working with travel merchants have enabled PBT to identify and recognize industry needs in order to create a customized platform for merchants.

The benefits for the traveling markets include:

Sophisticated state-of-the-art- fraud detection
PBT’s state-of-the-art fraud detection solution provides you with maximum security. We work hard to enable you to minimize your risk while maximizing your reach.

Online Reporting
PBT’s Payment Gateway provides merchants with enhanced real time reporting.  Travel merchants can view all of their financial and transactions data on demand and customized according to their company’s needs.

Higher limits
PBT’s professional risk management team works with each of our customers to reduce and prevent online risks while guaranteeing the maximum sales conversion rate.

European Bank Debit Solutions
PBT’s Direct Debit Solution allows you to exponentially increase your business opportunities and reach millions of potential European travelers.

PBT Online Processing follows all the card association’s rules and regulations and the relative acquiring banks requirements.

George Aristidou