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PBT can offer you the ability of opening and maintaining an account with our partner Acquiring Bank; TrustPay.  Accounts can be opened for Individuals as well as Corporations.  We can offer you a fully operational, sight account with TrustPay, with the following features:

  • Easy to open and maintain
  • 24/7 paperless access through TrustPay’s web-access portal
  • Account with a European Acquiring Bank
  • With unique IBAN
  • Capability of instant transfer to more than 60 Banks
  • Flat SEPA transfer fees
  • Flat SWIFT transfer fees
  • Ability to link your TrustPay Account to your Merchant Account
  • Ability to transfer easy and safely to and from this Account
  • Accounts for Corporations or Individuals
  • Favourable pricing

We strongly believe that we should offer our clients the tools to act freely in this very competitive and fast moving economic era, thus we keep developing and enhancing our products and services.

Click here to proceed with the application for opening an account.