Account opening


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Open an Account with a European Acquiring Bank in less than 24 hrs

In three simple steps you can have a fully functional paperless account with a European Acquiring Bank licensed to operate all over the EEA.

  1. Download the Account opening form (Individual or Company accordingly) and then submit the scanned copy electronically by following the instructions below
  2. Bank approves and opens the account within 24hrs
  3. Client receives username and PIN via two separate emails to gain access to the account via the web portal of the bank

The account at this stage is activated to receive funds and monitor it via the web portal (passive use) but in order to make it operational for outward payments the original application form signed by the account holder must be signed and handed over to PBT or uploaded through PBT’s web site here.  In case the signed application is not submitted to us then the funds will be returned to the sender’s account.

[form account-application]